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Start Building Your Dream Home 

Are you ready to turn your dream home into a reality? We’re just as excited as you are! Our expertise can help you bring your vision to life while staying within your budget. And the best part? You could live in your dream home in as little as six months. 

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Explore our extensive collection of over 200 home designs and browse our wide range of home finishes by visiting our Floor Plans page. Don’t forget to create a My Favorites account to save all your preferred selections! Once you’ve found the perfect options, call us at Keystone Modular Homes to schedule an appointment and take the next step toward building your dream home. 


First Consultation 


During our initial meeting, we will sit down together to discuss your plans and aspirations for your new home. This is where Northeast Modular Homes truly shines, as we specialize in creating custom homes tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Together, we will explore various design options and make important selections that will shape the vision of your dream home. 


Once we clearly understand your desired design elements, our dedicated team at Northeast Modular Homes will work diligently to secure an accurate price quote for your home. We understand the importance of staying within your budget and will strive to provide you with a comprehensive quote that aligns with your financial goals. 


2 Weeks after the Initial Consultation 


We’ll start by evaluating the preliminary floor plans and cost estimates to verify that the plans align with your desired lifestyle and budget objectives. We will answer any inquiries you may have regarding your home construction project. Then, it’s time to secure your Construction Drawings by placing a deposit. 


4 Weeks after the Initial Consultation 


We will finalize the Construction Drawings, which have been prepared and will be available for your review. Take the opportunity to carefully examine the plans and make any required modifications or refinements as needed. 


6 Weeks after the Initial Consultation 


We will validate the ultimate pricing for your project and ensure that all necessary permits are obtained by submitting the required applications. 

10-14 Weeks after the Initial Consultation 


With the necessary permits secured, we can order your modular home. You will sign the Construction Agreement, finalize the project details, and establish a delivery date for the modules. 


3 Months after the Initial Consultation 


It’s an exhilarating day as your custom home is delivered! We invite you to join the Northeast Modular Homes team to witness the exciting moment when your home is set on its foundation. Don’t forget to bring your camera and pack a lunch for this memorable occasion! 


6 Months after the Initial Consultation  


It’s finally time to move in! Congratulations on making your dream a reality with Northeast Modular Homes. We extend our warmest congratulations and a heartfelt welcome to your new home. 

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